I am currently an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy at Lycoming College.  I have taught (or will soon teach):

  • Introduction to Philosophy of Science (PHIL 130)

  • Central Problems in Philosophy (PHIL 140)

  • Modern Philosophy (PHIL 203)

  • Symbolic Logic (PHIL 225)

  • Philosophy of Natural Science (PHIL 333)

  • Philosophy of Mind (PHIL 340)

  • Philosophy of Cognitive Science (PHIL 340)

From Fall 2014-Spring 2019, I was an assistant professor in the Department of English and Philosophy at Idaho State University.  I taught:

  • Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL-1101; both face-to-face and online versions)

  • Philosophy of Art (PHIL-4400/5500)

  • Philosophy of Language (PHIL-4410/5510)

  • Philosophy of Mind (PHIL-4420/5520)

  • Metaphysics (PHIL-4435/5535)

  • Philosophy of Cognitive Science (PHIL-4499/5599; PSYC-4999)

From Fall 2008-Spring 2011 and Fall 2012-Spring 2013, I was an instructor in the Philosophy Department of Baruch College, CUNY.  I taught:

  • Major Issues in Philosophy (PHI 1500)

  • Logic and Moral Reasoning (PHI 1600)

  • Thought and Reality (PHI/PSY 3030)

I was a Writing Fellow at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY from Fall 2011-Spring 2012.
My teaching portfolio (including sample syllabi) is available upon request.